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‪#‎TexasQTwoferTuesday‬ ‪#‎TQT‬ ‪#‎TexasQTip‬ Low N Slow V. Hot N Fast I was an old school ‪#‎LowNSlow‬ die hard...until I wasn't! I've found that Hot N Fast renders a much more succulent, tender, flavorful Brisket with an Incredible Bark! Couple that with The Hold (previous blog) and you have created some mind blowin Q! I'm smokin 'Hot' at 300 for 6hrs with a 12-14lb USDA Prime Brisket ‪#‎FatCapUp‬. Remember with out The Hold...your efforts will not render the mind blowin Q I spoke of:) Low N Slow is a 12-16 hour process at 225-250.

#‎TexasQTip‬ ‪#‎TQTTuesday‬ It's ALL About The Smoke!!! We create a ‪#‎SultrySmokeBath‬ using Dry Pecan Logs with Wet Apple & Cherry Wood. There's nothing like it!!! ‪#‎FruitandNutWood‬ Rules!!! It allows for the Meat, whether Beef or Pork, to Shine!!! It's not overly saturated with Mesquite, Oak or don't just taste enhances the ‪#‎CulinaryBBQExperience‬ ‪#‎SmokeOnTheBrainSauceInMyVeins‬

‪#‎TexasQTip‬ ‪#‎TQT‬ : "The Hold" Holding your Brisket is the most important step in the entire process!! I can't stress this enough!! We have found that after removing the Brisket from the Pit, and letting it vent for 15min, then wrapping it in NonWax Brown Butcher Paper and resting it in a towel lined dry cooler or warming box (no more than 140degrees) for at least 4hrs...Renders the most SUCCULENT tender Brisket with an amazing bark.